# Set Reminders

# Reminder Format

You can set reminders by putting (@YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm) to the TODO list.

- [ ] Task 1 (@2021-09-15 20:40)

Time is omittable.

- [ ] Task 1 (@2021-09-15)

When you omit the time, reminder will be notified at default reminder time.


Reminder plugin is interoperable with other plugins which has different date time format.
For more information on interoperability, please click here.

# Date Time Format

You can change time format by setting. See following settings.

# Reminder date input support

To make it easy to set reminder times, this plugin provides calendar popup.
By clicking on the calendar, the date will be entered into the markdown file.


You can change the format by primary reminder format setting.

There are multiple ways to display the calendar popup.

# Key input trigger (Desktop only)

When you input (@ in TODO list item, you will see calendar popup.

This popup trigger (@) can be changed with calendar popup trigger setting.

In this popup, you can select date with keyboard.

  • Left(or Ctrl+B): 1 day ago
  • Right(or Ctrl+F): 1 day later
  • Up(or Ctrl+P): 1 week ago
  • Down(or Ctrl+N): 1 week later
  • Enter: Select date
  • Esc: Cancel input support

# Command trigger

Open the command palette and search Show calendar popup. It will open the calendar popup.


For mobile users, it would be useful to add a button to the toolbar at the bottom of the markdown editor to show the calendar popup.

  1. Options > Mobile
  2. Configure
  3. Select the command named Show calendar popup

# Toggle checklist status

This plugin provides 2 ways to toggle checklist status.


If you are using Tasks Plugin format, this action do the following additionally:

  • Insert done date (✅ YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Create next recurring task (if you use 🔁 XXX)

By keyboad shortcut

By default, Meta + Shift + Enter to toggle checklist status.
You can change it from Obsidian > Settings > Hotkeys > Reminder: Toggle checklist status.

From reminder notification

You can Mark as Done from reminder notification.

Obsidian has a feature to create daily notes (opens new window).
You can create links to daily notes in reminder.

First, you have to set Link dates to daily notes option ON.

After that, the date part of the reminder will become the link.

- [ ] Task 1 (@[[2021-09-15]] 20:40)


You need to change existing reminder date manually.