# Notification

When the reminder time comes, you will be notified of the contents of the reminder.

There are 2 types of reminder notification:

# Builtin notification modal

Built-in notification looks like the following:

When you click the file name(in the above example, TODO.md), the reminder will be muted once, and the file will be opened.


Muted reminders will be in reminder list's Overdue section.

If you click Mark as Done, your reminder TODO item will be checked and it will not be shown in the future.

If you click Remind Me Later, you can choose how long you want to postpone the task.

The date and time in the markdown will be updated according to your choice.

Remind Me Later's option are customizable with Remind Me Later setting.

# System notification

Instead of builtin notification, system notification is also available by setting.

  • If you click the notification, builtin notificaiton will be displayed in Obsidian app.
  • If you close the notification, the reminder is muted

Also, if you are using macOS, you can mark as done or postpone the reminder with the notification options.

# Mute notification

The reminder will be muted if you do the following:

  • In builtin notification,
    • press Esc
    • click out side of the notification modal
  • Close the system notification

Muted reminder will not be notified again until